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Use ThumbGuard to stop your child’s thumb sucking habits

Young children often tend to suck on their thumbs or fingers to relax and feel secure. This is fairly common in children – in fact, some babies develop this habit in the womb even before they are born.


Ideally, a child should stop sucking his/her thumb by the time they’re 3 or 4. This is the time when their permanent teeth are ready to come in. If the thumb sucking continues for a long time, it can interfere with the growth and alignment of their teeth.


Breaking the habit

Remember that most children break this habit on their own by the time they’re around 4 years of age. At first, try ignoring it with the hopes that your child will give it up on his own. But if he is unable to stop, it may be the right time to give positive reinforcements and trying things to help, such as:

  • Praise and Reward – Try explaining to your child about why thumb sucking may cause them harm. Offer them rewards such as stickers or toys that they like, in order to help them break the habit. You can try offering gentle reminders when you notice a thumb in your child’s mouth, rather than scolding them. Most importantly, remember to praise them when they stop.
  • Find ways to distract – Children suck on their fingers or thumbs due to stress or anxiety. Find out what triggers your child to do so and offer extra hugs or ways to comfort them. You can also help them indulge in an activity to keep them distracted.
  • Get Creative – Try different methods that might help your child give up thumb sucking. You may encourage and motivate your child in creative ways like telling stories around thumb sucking etc.

If none of these work, you can use ThumbGuard to stop your child’s thumb sucking habit. It offers a guaranteed way to stop thumb sucking in 4 weeks or less, without causing pain or discomfort. Most parents see results after just one week of using ThumbGuard, making it one of the most recommended solutions to break the habit.

You can buy ThumbGuard treatment kit for either one hand or two. Since most children switch from one thumb to the other, it is recommended that the kit be purchased for both hands. Treatment kit for each hand includes:

  • 1 Ambidextrous ThumbGuard appliance
  • 30 bracelets that are multi-colored and fun to wear
  • 1 Instalock that makes fitting process as easy as possible
  • Reward chart and stickers
  • One set of instructions

ThumbGuard comes in three sizes – small, medium and large. This ensures that kids even as old as 7 years or older can use it. ThumbGuard is made out of FDA-listed, medical grade plastic and is manufactured in the USA. It is 100% BPA and phthalate free, which means your child’s health is not compromised. It has a success rate of more than 95%.

So look no further – try ThumbGuard by purchasing it here and stop your child’s thumb sucking habit today.

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